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Sudbury Youth Soccer is open to the residents of Sudbury, and those that attend the Sudbury Public Schools.

The mission of the Sudbury Youth Soccer Association (SYSA) shall be to provide the opportunity and training for the youth of Sudbury, Massachusetts, to learn the game of soccer through the development of individual skill, fitness, teamwork, and fair play.

As a new parent to SYSA, if you have questions about how our programs runs, this page will try to address any general questions about our soccer programs that you may have. If you don't find the answer you are looking for here, review our pages or contact our Administrative Director, Sandy Moore, at [email protected].  She will be more than happy to direct you to the right person to answer your question.

Club Organization:

Sudbury Youth Soccer is run mainly by the parents of our players, although anyone can volunteer. We rely heavily on our parents to take on leadership roles including coaches, assistant coaches, managers, age group coordinators, as well as other roles within SYSA. Parents may offer to volunteer when registering players by clicking on the volunteer button to the right of their child's name. Our volunteers work together to execute our club's mission of providing quality soccer to boys and girls who reside in the town of Sudbury, or who attend the Sudbury Public Schools. To reach a member of our board click here.

SYSA Objectives and Philosophy:

The SYSA seeks to fulfill its mission through the pursuit of the following objectives and philosophy:

  • All players should have opportunity to play.
  • Enjoyment, skill development, fitness and having fun are important goals for players, coaches and the program.
  • Passion for soccer -- "love of the game" -- is a specific goal for the program.
  • Sportsmanship is an important goal for the program.
  • The Sudbury Soccer program is "child-centered" and promotes personal achievement, teamwork development and fair play.
  • Sudbury Soccer is competitive.
  • We strive to have a soccer program of the highest quality.

SYSA Racism, Inequality and Violence Statement:

Sudbury Youth Soccer Association (SYSA), stands with the world against all racism, inequality and violence.  The recent events are painful reminders that bigotry and racial injustice continue to exist in our society.  As a community, let us use our voices to confront and reject hate.

Youth Sports play an integral role in uniting people regardless of race, religion or creed, and we will continue to foster that environment. Be assured that we remain fervently committed to ensuring that every child continues to feel cared for, respected, and safe. SYSA’s goal is to give all players in our program the opportunity to grow as athletes and as young adults without fear of intolerance or hate. Let’s band together with a mission to make the change we wish to see both locally and globally.  We are all in this together.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.- Martin Luther King Jr.

SYSA Season Goals:

The pathway to success depends on how well we execute the following philosophy in every season we take:

  • Helping each player reach their full potential in the sport of soccer.
  • To develop players that are comfortable with the ball at their feet.
  • To improve each player's knowledge and understanding of the game.
  • To create a positive and fun atmosphere where players can learn and develop at their own pace.
  • To learn how to win and lose graciously and the full meaning of fair play.


For both seasons, SYSA programs comprise of; In Town League (Grades PK-2), BAYS Travel League (Grades 3-HS), and the Academy Squad (Players are selected through tryouts-Grades 5-8 and HS). 

We also offer our Skills Development Centers in the Fall, Spring and Winter seasons for players in Grades K-8. During the Winter, we also offer a Futsal League for players from Grades 3-8 at the FieldHouse. More information about our programs can be found here. Dates and times for our current season can be found on the top menu bar of the website.  


For our BAYS and In Town programs, practices are conducted weekly during the season. Our second grade players practice once per week, and BAYS’ teams practice twice per week. One practice is a grade level group practice set by our Technical Director and the second is a team specific practice run by the individual coaches.


BAYS and Academy Squad players are required to wear matching uniform kits which include a New Balance navy jersey, navy shorts and navy socks. These may be purchased at Brine Team Sports online store, https://sudburysoccerfa24-1.itemorder.com/shop/home/. Players can tryout on samples before ordering at 141 Parker St, Maynard. PK - Grade 2 in town teams are provided with various colored uniforms prior to their first games.


If you are ready to enroll your child you can click here to enter our Registration Portal!