Skill Development Centers

The Sudbury Youth Soccer Skill Development Centers are unique 7-week programs that we offer to players in grades K-8 each spring and fall. These sessions act as an additional training component to the regularly scheduled team practices. It is a great opportunity for those aspiring players who want to develop their emerging skills and learn core developmental techniques. 

The Skills Development Centers will encompass techniques focusing on: Goal Scoring, Play Maker and Skills Mastery. Each school lasts for 60 minutes each session and are played at Haskell Field.

Goal Scoring

The Goal Scoring component is for all players looking to enhance how they strike the ball. Players will learn how to find space, receive the ball under pressure, connect with teammates and most of all score in different ways.

Base Technical Plan:

  • Preparation of a strike (approach, stride pattern, balance)
  • Action of a strike (foot position, hip swing, connection)
  • Recovery of a strike (finding the target, disguising intent, generating power)

Advanced Technical Plan:

  • Showing for the ball (dropping into pockets, runs in behind, two-point runs)
  • Securing the ball (back to goal, receiving while sprinting, receiving ariel balls)
  • Playing others in (linking play, reverse passes, combinations in tight spaces)
  • Advanced finishing techniques (textured shots, lobs, volleys)

Play Maker

This program is for all players that want to learn how to take charge of the game, create plays and lead. Players will learn how to find space between the lines of opposition, link play through the layers of field and have the freedom to create attacking opportunities.

Base Technical Plan:

  • Receiving in tight spaces (inside push, inside across, outside over, inside spin)
  • Ball striking (inside push pass, reverse passing, combination play)
  • Using space (counter movements, finding pockets, driving into space)

Advanced Technical Plan:

  • Changing the game rhythm (hiding intent, explosive movements, playing in 1 touch)
  • Advanced ball striking (textured passing, driven passes, disguised passing)
  • Destabilizing (switching the point of attack, through balls, combining to penetrate)

Skills Mastery

The Skills Mastery portion is for all players that want to learn new moves, tricks and creative ways to manipulate the ball. This is a newly structured program and will excite and inspire creativity.

Base Technical Plan:

  • Ball Mastery (surfaces of the foot, sharpness on ball, accelerating with the ball)
  • 1v1 Skill Moves (varied base level 1v1 moves that can beat an opponent with flare)
  • Escape Moves (varied base level escape moves that allow players to evade opponents in tight spaces)

Advanced Technical Plan:

  • Advanced Ball Mastery (explosive play, exploiting 1v1 opportunities, coordinating surfaces of the foot)
  • Advanced 1v1 Skill Moves (high level 1v1 skill moves that can destroy 1v1 pressure)
  • Advanced Escape Moves (high level moves that will allow players to evade opponents in tight space)