Winter Indoor Programs

Sudbury Youth Soccer is pleased to offer several soccer program opportunities to our players each winter! The current offerings are listed below by grade levels. We want to emphasize that they are entirely optional, and do not count in any way in the player evaluation and placement process.

The current winter indoor programs schedule can be found by clicking here.

Soccer FUNdamentals: K & 1st Grades:

Played indoors at the Field House (Sudbury), Soccer FUNdamentals offers players in K and 1st grades the opportunity to play soccer and develop core motor skills while learning ball mastery, receiving, ball striking and exciting skill moves during the offseason. There will be separate boys and girls sessions. The New England Revolution Academy coaches will lead these sessions.

Winter Goal Scoring School: 2nd – 8th Grades:

This winter SYSA is proud to offer our new Goal Scoring School. These unique, position specific sessions are designed to improve a striker’s movement, the reading of the game and all around techniques used when scoring goals. The sessions will center on the five key areas all good strikers must excel in: Showing for the ball; securing the ball; shifting defenders, playing others in on goal, and STRIKING!

Winter Skills Mastery School: 2nd – 8th Grades:

The unique, position specific sessions of the Winter Skills Mastery School are designed to improve a player’s vision, creativity and ability to take players on. The sessions will center on how to find space and create separation, a player’s first touch and how to execute exciting 1v1 change of direction moves in a game. These sessions are designed for attack minded midfielders and forwards.

Academy Squad Speed & Agility Training: 5th – 8th Grades-Academy Squad Only:

During indoor session #2, we will be offering a soccer specific speed and agility training session to help players prepare for spring soccer.  The session will take us right up to the start of the season and will work on physical aspects of game while incorporating the ball.  This is a unique training opportunity. The training session will be run on Sundays from 1-2pm at the field house and will be limited to 16 players on a first come, first serve basis across 8 squads.

Futsal: 3rd – 8th Grades:

Futsal is a game played between two teams of five players on each side. One of the five players is a goalkeeper who unlike soccer/football is very active out on the field. The game of futsal is played on a hard court surface with flat lines on it like a basketball court for the boundaries. It is played with a smaller ball (futsal ball) that has less bounce than a regular soccer ball. To be great at the game of futsal you need to have great improvisation, technique, creativity, ball control and heightened awareness.

Indoor Soccer “Winter Academy Games”: 3rd – 8th Grades:

The Winter Academy Games are an opportunity for all 3rd through 8th graders to play indoor soccer and be led by a professional coach from the NE Revolution Academy. The program will focus on creating an environment to foster the development of technical and intuitive players who can perform under pressure.

The Winter Academy Games are held at Marlborough Fore Kicks. The program is a 9-week session plus one playoff week. Players play one 50 minute match each week, proceeded by 30-minutes of pre-match instruction on field and in the classroom. Specific game times will change each week but will always be within the time window of 4-7pm. Once the teams are established the schedule was posted by Forekicks for the whole season, so it as easy to figure out carpooling if needed, etc. It took the uncertainty out of the equation, which participating players parents greatly appreciated!

Any group of 10 or more players that wish to play on a team together can register – this way each player will be guaranteed a spot. Once 10 or more players are committed, a parent or coach should contact Ross Duncan, with the list of players who wish to play together. Individuals who sign up without a group of 10 can still participate if spots are available. All players that sign up will be charged and a spot will be held providing we can form a team. If we are unsuccessful in creating a full team in your child’s age group, you will be issued a complete refund.