Winter Indoor Program Registration Now Open

SYSAAs we pass the half waypoint in the season, our attention turns towards winter soccer opportunities.  Below you will find flyers outlining options for your soccer players specific grade.  

Our personal preference and opinion would be to continue to touch the ball weekly. However, it must be said that we encourage players to play multi-sports.  It is healthy and positive for child development. There are many options for all players in grades PK thru 8!

Just like the fall, we will offer Mini Kickers for the Pre-K age groups and Skill Development Centers for those in Pre-K thru 8th grade.

Futsal becomes an option for grade 3 thru 8 players! This indoor game played on the basketball courts with smaller nets allows players to enjoy the most technical version of the game. It is fun, exciting and engaging.  With the fast pace and creative freedom, it’s a great way to have fun with friends.

We also offer Sudbury Winter Games for grades 3 thru 8.  Many players find this to be the most exciting option. It does depend on the level of competition but it allows players to have a 30-minute pre game classroom session before playing a 50 minutes match indoors at ForeKicks.

Sudbury Academy Players on Grades 5-8 Squads have options as well! With Squad Training, Sports Performance Training, Goal Keeper Training, Futsal and Winter Games, there are many choices to keep your soccer game at the highest level this winter. Details on these options are available in your Team Snap email from October 13.

If you have any question, please reach out.  Registration is now open and classes fill up very quickly!



Sudbury Youth Soccer Technical Director

email: [email protected]

Fall Coaches-Equipment Return



If you are or may be coaching in the spring, please keep your gear bag.   If you are not coaching in the spring but one of your assistants will be taking over as head coach, please give them your team’s bag.

Otherwise, please REMOVE ALL non-SYSA items from your bag and return it to SYSA by leaving it against the garage doors at 26 Flintlock Lane.  

Thank you for volunteering this past season.  Your time and effort are greatly appreciated.

Andy Smith

SYSA Equipment Manager

[email protected]


Fall 2022 Referee Survey

RefereeAs part of our commitment to provide the best referee training and feedback we can during the season, we have implemented a short feedback survey.

This tool will allow us to hear from coaches regarding their in game referee experience. We would love to hear from you so that we can continue to train our referees this season and beyond. 

Click here to access the SYSA Referee Feedback Survey