Coordinator Documents

To conduct our evaluations each spring season, the following documents will be utilized. Here is a brief explanation of each document for your review:

Travel Evaluation Guide:
These are the stations for the First Evaluation Night. Data will be collected electronically, but if we need paper for reporting, this is what we will print.
Evaluation Pinnie Assignment Night 1:
Tab 1 is what you will use to sign players in.  Tab 2 are the evenly balanced teams.  
Helpful tip: Start on tab 2, create the balanced teams then copy and paste the player and pinnie to tab 1, then sort alphabetically.
Evaluation Pinnie Assignment Night 2:
Same as above but larger teams
2nd or 3rd to 8th Grade Coach Evaluation:
This the document you should have distributed and collected for both the fall and spring coaches.  Make sure you receive these ASAP if you have not already.
Master Overview:
This is the document that you use to store all the key numbers from all the other sheets to help you form the proposed rosters.  Bring it to the placement meeting to back up the player placement sheets if you are questioned.
Player Placement Template:
This is the one and only document presented at the placement meeting.  It is a condensed version of the master overview.  Less is more in the placement meetings but be prepared to produce the larger master overview if needed.
Coordinators Meeting 2019:
This is the document outlining the annual coordinator meeting and is presented as a reference.