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To open your guide, please email our Technical Director of Coaching, Ross at: [email protected]. Include your name, age group and guide name and a password will be emailed to you. The NE Revolution Academy Guides are copyrighted and password protected

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Guide 



2nd Grade Guide (4 v 4)




3rd & 4th Grade Guide (7 v 7)



5th & 6th Grade Guide (9 v 9)



7th & 8th Grade Guide (11 v 11)



Pre-Kindergarten Mini Kickers  

Previous Season Coaching Guides:

For all grade level coaches, we have also listed previous years coaching guides on separate links below for your review. This will be helpful as you create outline for your team specific practices. Please download the appropriate guide(s) for your team format and print the guide section appropriate for each week of the program.

Each Aspiring Program Guide has a video link embed into each displayed drill. Simply click the image of the drill and you will be taken to a video on our You Tube channel for you to see the drill being performed.

Spring 2023 Curriculum

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Guide

2nd thru 8th Grade Guides-Stage 1

3rd thru 8th Grade Guides-Stage 2


2021 - 2022 Curriculum

Kindergarten & 1st Grade Guide


2018 - 2020 Curriculum

K-1 FUNdamental Guides      2nd Grade First Touch Guides   

3rd & 4th Grade Recreational Guides      3rd & 4th Grade Aspiring Guides     3rd & 4th Grade Attacking Principles Guides

5th & 6th Grade Recreational Guides      5th & 6th Grade Aspiring Guides     5th & 6th Grade Attacking Principles Guides

7th & 8th Grade Recreational Guides     7th & 8th Grade Aspiring Guides     7th & 8th Grade Attacking Principles Guides


For the following additional archived guides, the 4v4 guide is used for teams in 1st and 2nd grade, 7v7 guide is used for teams in 3rd and 4th grade, 9v9 guide is used for teams in 5th and 6th grade and the 11v11 guide is used for teams in 7th grade and higher. 

4v4 Coaching Guides     7v7 Coaching Guides     9v9 Coaching Guides     11v11 Coaching Guides