All equipment is provided for the teams through the player fees.  SYSA is active in replenishing the stock, such that players are using high quality gear.  

There is an Equipment Distribution Day at the start of each season where gear bags can be picked-up, returned, or replenished.  If a coach needs equipment replaced or replenished during the year, contact the SYSA equipment coordinator, Andy Smith, at [email protected]

Standard Team Gear:


  • Pinnies (two colors)
  • Cones (three colors)
  • First Aid Kit and ice packs
  • Manual Ball Pump and Needles
  • Equipment Bag


  • Kindergarten, 1st Grade and Second Grade:     Size 3 balls
  • 3rd to 6th Grade:     Size 4 balls, goalkeeper gloves
  • 7th Grade to HS:     Size 5 balls (no goalkeeper gloves - we assume dedicated GKs with their own gloves)


  • Pass Counter (3rd grade and up)
  • Clipboard


Dirty gloves won't grip as well, won't last as long, and will feel and smell BAD.  So follow these steps:

  • After each use, gently wash off dirt.  
  • Periodically wash them with lukewarm water and a gentle detergent like Woolite or hand soap.  Never wring out or rub the gloves together
  • To dry the gloves, apply pressure with a towel then let them air dry.  You can also insert rolled-up newspapers in the gloves.  Never use hot air or sunlight to dry them.

See "How to Care for Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves" (