7th & 8th Grade Squads

The 7th and 8th grade girls and boys Academy Squads play 11v11 games and include approximately 16 to 18 players. There are two teams for this age group, Gunners and United. 

The Academy Squads are selective and are based on players’ performance at tryouts that are held in May each year. These are Academy Squad specific tryouts, and are separate from SYSA BAYS evaluations. Decisions regarding placement are solely based on the evaluations of the Academy Squad coaches and are independent of SYSA BAYS evaluations, current or past BAYS team placements, and BAYS coach assessments.

There is also an additional goalkeeper tryout for those players who wish to concentrate on the position. Players with a goalkeeper concentration will commit to playing the position a minimum of 100% of the time. Players with a goalkeeper concentration must attend both the goalkeeper tryouts and field player tryouts (Players accepted as goalkeepers are not guaranteed future spots as field players in later years).

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