Fall 2021 Registration is Now Open

EvalsNow that our spring soccer season is underway, planning is beginning for the upcoming fall season! Fall 2021 Registration is now open for all age groups!

The registration deadline for Grades 3-8 is May 21 and for Pre-K to 2nd Grade is August 1.

With travel team evaluations beginning on May 17 for current Grade 2 - Grade 7 players, we need to get players registered for this process and then begin to form teams at its conclusion.

Each spring player evaluations are held for these age groups with the purpose of placing them with like skilled teammates for the upcoming season. This fully transparent process and the rationale for yearly evaluations can be viewed here.

In order to participate in this evaluation process, you must be registered first! All players that attend evaluations will be placed on a Sudbury travel team.

This years player evaluations will take place from May 17 to May 21 at Haskell Field. The evaluation schedule is listed above. Remember, grade levels on the schedule are for the fall, not now.

Fall 2021 Registration

Fall 2021 Schedule