New BAYS Kits for Fall 2016

We are four years in with our current kit.  That is one more year than we originally expected.  Going forward, all SYSA BAYS teams will don the new UnderArmour Maquina kit.  SYSA elected to keep the red top, blue short, and blue sock combo with our families in mind.  Players can continue to wear the current blue short and blue sock.   


All kits must be ordered online.  They are available now for order at Brines' Teamsport site.  Orders placed before July 1 are 20% off.  To get the discount the order must be placed online before July 1st.  


SYSA Spring Survey Time

No need to pour Gatorade all over your favorite soccer coach.  Just complete the survey and let us know how they did this season.  

Click on the link below to be taken to SurveyMonkey

Parent Survey 

Academy Squad Survey

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Player Development Programs 2016

During the week long program, Revolution Academy coaches will use specialized training sessions to teach players the fundamentals of the game of soccer, with emphasis on a learning process that is characterized by repetition. The training sessions will be challenging, competitive, demanding and fun, giving players an insight into the professional academy environment and inspiring them to be the best players they can be. CLICK HERE for more info