Skills Academy Development League

The Skills Academy Development League is a 7-week program. Players are divided into mixed ability teams for the entire session. They will train for the 40 minutes and then will play a 30-minute game (5 minute half time) against another Skills Academy Development team. All teams will get a consistent, professional Revolution Staff Coach for the season.

This program in essence is taking the success of the Skills Academy and the competitiveness of the Futsal League and blending them together to create a fun, positive, player-centric, in town program.

This program is great for all players:

  • Soccer crazy players to get additional training time and contact with pro coaches in a low stress, fun environment.
  • Multi sport players to get some touches during the spring season in this 1 event a week program.
  • Recreational players to get playing time with players they otherwise may not get to play with based on ranked teams.