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The Corner Kick - The Newsletter of the Sudbury Youth Soccer Association
  Parents' Role on the Sidelines
  What Makes a Coach?
  First Annual Poetry Contest
Fall Registration is Now Open
Signup deadline is May 20
to avoid late fees.
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Meet the NE Rev Players
Sunday, May 15
Haskell Field
Come meet two members of the
NE Revolution 2011 Team!
More Information
BAYS Evaluations
May 23-27
Players must attend evaluations in
order to be placed on a Fall team.
Complete Evaluation Schedule
Mass Youth Soccer
Coaches’ ‘F’ License Course
May 18 and 25, 6:00pm-10:00pm
The Field House, Sudbury
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Sudbury Soccer Night
with the Boston Breakers!
Sunday, June 5th, 6:00 PM
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Sudbury Soccer Night with the
New England Revolution!
Saturday, June 18th, 7:30 PM
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Summer Vacation
New England Revolution
Academy July 18-21
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All age groups will have two evaluations on two different nights during the week of May 23-27 at Haskell Field. Attendance is required for both nights to ensure an accurate evaluation and placement in the Fall. Be sure to attend the age group your child will be in the Fall not their current age group.

BAYS Evaluation Schedule:

U9 Girls
  Mon. 6-8 pm & Thurs. 6-8 pm
U9 Boys
  Mon. 4-6 pm & Thurs. 4-6 pm
U10 Girls
  Tues. 6-8 pm & Fri. 6-8 pm
U10 Boys
  Tues. 4-6 pm & Fri. 4-6 pm
U11 Girls
  Tues. 4-6 pm & Thurs. 4-6 pm
U11 Boys
  Tues. 6-8 pm & Thurs. 6-8 pm
U12 Girls
  Mon. 6-8 pm & Wed. 6-8 pm
U12 Boys
  Mon. 4-6 pm & Wed. 4-6 pm
U14 Girls
  Wed. 6-8 pm & Fri. 6-8 pm
U14 Boys
  Wed. 4-6 pm & Fri. 4-6 pm

Full Schedule Details

The Parents' Role
on the Sidelines
Support the team in the best way possible.

Do you think your child is getting the most out of soccer? The sport provides a fun, athletic activity that also builds teamwork, character and leadership skills. As parents, we always want the best for our kids. Have you ever thought about how you can help your young player get more out of soccer?

Why do kids want to play?

  1. Competence, learning and improving
  2. Affiliation - Being a part of a team, a club or with friends
  3. Fitness, agility, balance, coordination, and physical health
  4. Fun - This is the overwhelming reason why children play sports

So why do kids stop playing?

Studies have shown that it is mostly due to adult interference as a result from:

  1. Lack of playing time opportunity
  2. Over emphasis on winning and/or perfection
  3. Lack of fun
  4. Pressure coming from parents and coaches

What does this mean to you a parent? Most parents on the sideline are very positive. We all want the best for our child. How do we help them get the most out of their experience?

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What Makes a Coach?

Consider becoming a SYSA coachHave you ever wondered if there is more you can do to foster your child's love of soccer but don't know how? Consider volunteering to coach. Sudbury Soccer is the perfect place to learn how to interact, encourage and motivate your child and other youth players. You don't need to have a resume like David Beckham or Mia Hamm. In fact, many adults shy away from coaching not because of time commitment, but because they do not feel they have the expertise to coach youngsters. Before you make a decision, realize that most youth coaches are not close to being experts — and that is fine when it comes to coaching youth soccer. Great expertise is not necessary when children are at the beginning levels of soccer.

A good coach just needs to be conscientious, enthusiastic and determined to help players learn in the best way they can. Children deserve these characteristics from all youth coaches, whatever their degree of expertise. It is not always what coaches know about soccer but how they present what they know that makes the difference.

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New Engand Revolution Banner

As part of our terrific partnership with the New England Revolution Academy, we are pleased to invite all of SYSA Nation to come out and meet rookies Ryan Kinne and Stephan McCarthy of the New England Revolution!

Sunday, May 15, 2011
1:00 - 2:30PM at Haskell Field

Learn more


First Annual Poetry Writing Contest

Love Haikus as much a Heading? Think Sonnets are cool as Scoring? This contest is perfect you.

Release your inner poet! SYSA will publish all entries and the winner of the inaugural contest could be you. The winner will receive recognition on the website and an Adidas Terra Glider Soccer Ball.

This year's topic is your soccer shoe. Also known as cleats or boots, these are critical equipment to connecting you to the pitch.

Deadline for poem submission is
Friday May 27th 2010.

Please submit all entries to Chris McClure at

Consider becoming a SYSA coach


My Smelly Soccer Shoes
By Lauren Coiner

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
sitting in my bag.

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
smell worse than my dad.

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
all comfy and worn in.

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
gosh, I need new ones again!

My feet are growing ever so fast
and with them go my shoes.

The stunning size of my new ones,
just might make the morning news!

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
Sitting in my bag.

Stinky, smelly soccer shoes,
Smell worse than my dad.

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