Current Fall Season Sudbury Soccer Team Standings

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Sudbury Youth Soccer Skills Videos

Click each skill star to launch a pop-up video demonstration of the skill. (You may have to turn off pop-up blocker)

1v1 Moves - Maradonna Change of Direction - Cruyff Turn Juggling - 5 Strong Foot
1v1 Moves - Step Over Push Change of Direction - 7 Juggling - 10 Strong Foot
1v1 Moves - Inside Outside Change of Direction - Half Zico Juggling - 20 Either Foot
1v1 Moves - Scissors Change of Direction - Stop Turn Juggling - 30 Alternating Feet
1v1 Moves - Feint Change of Direction - Pull Back Juggling - 50 Either Foot
Receives - Inside Outside Rhythms - Across the Ball  
Receives - Inside Spin Rhythms - Chops  
Receives - Outside Over Rhythms - Fabregas  
Receives - Inside Across Rhythms - Side Sprints  
Receives - Inside Push Rhythms - Toe Taps