All equipment is provided for the teams through the player fees.  SYSA is active in replenishing the stock, so that players are using high quality gear.

The SYSA equipment manager can be contacted at 

Picking up Equipment

Before the start of each season, there is an Equipment Distribution Day when coaches can pick up new gear bags, restock existing ones, or drop of old ones.  Coaches who cannot attend can have others fill in for them or they can contact the equipment manager so alternate arrangements can be made. During the season, if a coach needs equipment replaced or replenished, they can contact the equipment manager.

Returning Equipment

At the end of each season, coaches should keep their gear bags if they will be coaching next season and the ball size will be the same (see below).  Gear bags can also be passed on to other coaches, such as an assistant taking over as head coach.

Otherwise, coaches should return any and all SYSA gear as soon as possible so it can be reused. An email will be sent stating where and when.  When returning gear bags, coaches should remove all non-equipment items (rosters, coaching guides, water bottles, etc.).

SYSA Gear Bag Contents

For all teams:

  • Pinnies (two colors)

  • Cones (three colors)

  • First Aid Kit and ice packs

  • Manual Ball Pump and Needles

  • [Optional] Clipboard

Age Specific Equipment

U6-8 (Kindergarten-2nd grade)

  • Mesh equipment bag

  • Size 3 balls (at least 1 for each player)


U9-12 (3rd-6th grade)

  • Kwik equipment bag

  • Size 4 balls (at least 1 for each player)

  • Goalkeeper gloves

  • [Optional] Pass Counter


U14+ (7th grade and older)

  • Kwik equipment bag

  • Size 5 balls (at least 1 for each player)

  • [Optional] Pass Counter

Additional Information

  • Travel teams should have enough pinnies of one color so color conflicts with visiting teams can be avoided

  • Wash the pinnies before your first practice (and during the season). Your players will appreciate it

  • Periodically wash the goalkeeper gloves.  Dirty gloves won't grip as well, won't last as long, and will be unpleasant to wear.  Use a gentle detergent.  Don’t use heat or sunlight to dry them.  See

  • If any item is unusable, throw it out and request a new one

  • Please let us know if goals, nets or sandbags need repair or replacement