SYSA In The Local Community

The sport of soccer is more than a pastime – it enriches players’ lives physically, mentally and emotionally. The life lessons our youth can learn through soccer are limitless and we are committed to fostering the physical, emotional and mental growth of all youth in Sudbury by bringing them the opportunity of soccer.

Sudbury Youth Soccer’s Community Outreach programs provide a platform to address nutrition, education and social inclusion issues.  Our members lead a healthy lifestyle through the sport of soccer.  It also works to provide soccer gear to players outside our community though donations of used equipment.  

In 2010, SYSA worked with Dream Big!.  Over two hundred balls were donated and distributed for youth girl's programs in the greater Boston area.  Dream Big! helps low-income and homeless girls achieve their dreams by providing the basic items necessary to enable them to participate in sports and physical activity, helping to lay the foundation for healthy, active lifestyles and quality learning experiences

Also in 2010, used balls were donated to Acton-Boxboro's Cleats for Kids program.  AB teams were collecting used equipment that still had life for distribution to kids that really wanted to play soccer, but didn't have the gear.

In 2011, SYSA has donated balls to Sudbury Extended Day and participated in the LSHS Spanish Club's equipment drive for kids in Peru. 

In 2012 working with the US Soccer Federation, SYSA participated in the Passback Campaign.  We were partnered with South End Soccer in Boston and collected over 100 pairs of cleats and other soccer equipment.  South End Soccer is a start-up league that bring soccer to city players at no charge.

In  2013, SYSA made a donation to the JWBrine III foundation,, to help start the scholarship program. We also worked again with the Dream Big! charity donating many experienced soccer balls for their programs.