Playing Up / Playing Down

Players in kindergarten, first and second grades, as well as in the U9/U10 Intramural program are placed with their classmates, regardless of their date of birth.

Players playing on BAYS’ travel teams may always play up to play with their classmates, ie if s/he has a U9 date of birth, and is in the fourth grade (U10), s/he may play either U9 or U10. If a player is old for his or her class, s/he may play down with his/her classmates, but may not be placed on a team higher than division 3, ie if a player has a U11 date of birth, and is in the fourth grade, s/he may play either U11 or U10 but with the division 3 restriction. This is a choice to be made by the parents with the input of the age group coordinators.

The vast majority of players choose to play with their classmates.